The Centre for Social Justice Initiatives (TCSJI)

The Centre for Social Justice Initiatives (TCSJI), previously known as Tooro’s Pride Foundation was incorporated in 2020, and we later became a registered Charity in 2021. Our work centres around working with survivors of gender-based violence in Canada. TCSJI is run by survivors of gender-based violence for survivors.

Registered Charitable Number: 738218478RR0001


We work to address, prevent and end all forms of gender-based violence because this is an abuse of human rights, and the aftereffects of abuse are tremendous.


A world free of all forms gender-based violence so that everyone can enjoy their basic human right of living a dignified and safe life.


  • Trauma-informed, survivor centric
  • Culturally safe and relevant supports
  • Gender-based analysis (GBA+) and diversity lens to leverage inclusion, equity, and intersectionality
  • Gender Equality
  • Anti Oppressive Approach (AOP)